Psychophonetics is an approach to psychotherapy that includes the whole human being consisting of body, soul and spirit. It is a modern practical application of Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy which was founded by Yehuda Tagar almost 30 years ago.

This method originally served observing interactive dynamics of body, soul and consciousness and helped its founder to direct experimental theatre. During ten years it became an instrument deepening education of adults and enabling experimental study of Anthroposophy and Psychosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Later on it evolved into very powerful application used in consultancy, psychotherapy, music & drama & visualization art and couching.

Psychophonetics is a unique method of enhancing self- awareness as the foundation for personal change, renewing the whole human being – body, life energy, soul, and spirit – allowing people to take charge of their inner and outer life.

  • It holds the autonomic integrity of the individual as the foundation for all personal development.
  • It leaves people in charge of your own process, progress and transformation.
  • It affirms the many-dimensional existence of human beings.
  • It focuses on the reality of people’s present experience and awareness as the foundation and the raw material for any development, with no analysis or interpretation and external guidance.
  • It engages the Deep Intelligence of Body Awareness, Gesture, Visualization and Sounds, universal faculties inherent in every human being.
  • It integrates the development of self-awareness, self-healing and self-transformation of one’s body, soul, social faculties and spirit, combining psycho-somatic, psycho-social and psycho- spiritual development into one developmental process.
  • It empowers people to become their own mentors, leaders, healers, therapists and coaches.

Psychophonetics appreciates the complexities of the human form. It conceives of humans as multi- modal and it respects people as ecological beings. It is an approach which offers possibilities to healers working in Africa as it recalls the fullness of what living could be.