Psychophonetics and Related Topics Publications & Links

Articles, papers, books, chapters, and research arising out of working with Methodical Empathy/Philophonetics/ Psychophonetics coaching, counselling & psychotherapy from 1986. 


Sexual Intimacy as Personal Development (Tagar April 2016)

The Evolution of Sexual Intimacy (Tagar March 2016)

Healing the Trauma of a War Veteran (Tagar Feb16)

Seven Types of Empathy (Tagar Dec 15 & Jan 2016)

Empathy: This Moment in Evolution Now (Tagar Nov 2015)

Psychophonetics (Caldwell Oct 2015)

Real Forgiveness: A Path of Personal Transformation (Tagar Sept 2015)

Embracing the Cycle (Botha Aug 2015)

The Human Double: Practical Transformation of the Human Double with Psychophonetics (3) (Tagar Aug 2015)

Psychophonetics & Multiple Sclerosis (Tagar June 2015)

Recovering from Grief with Psychophonetics (Tagar May 2015)

The Human Double: Transforming the Inner Anti-human in us into Higher Consciousness (2) (Tagar April 2015)

The Human Double (1)  (Tagar March 2015)

Crisis as an Opportunity for Personal Transformation  (Tagar Feb 2015) 

Gratitude as a Spiritual Path (Tagar Jan 2015)

Conscious Decision Making – Conscious Acting on Decisions  (Tagar Dec 2014)

Fear: Protector & Destroyer (Tagar Nov 2014)

Empathy & Self-Management using Psychophonetics (Tagar Sept 2014)

Psychophonetics -Principles for Sustainable Development of Personality (Tagar Aug 2014)

Psychophonetics – Guilt, Shame, Conscience (Tagar July 2014)

Methodological Empathy – Path of Conscious Evolution (2)  (Tagar May/June 2014)

Background & Origins of Empathy (1)  (Tagar April 2014)

The Evolution of Human Consciousness – A Personal Matter (Tagar Feb/March 2014)

Awakening to Life (Tagar Jan 2014)

Steele, R. (2010) Psychophonetics – Holistic Counselling and Psychothearpy. Steinerbooks. Stories and insight from practice. (introduction by Yehuda Tagar).

Psychophonetics: Psychotherapy as In-depth Coaching for Personal Transformation (Tagar 2008) Positive Health Magazine (UK). Issue 148, June. 

How Much of You is Here? (Train 2007)

Steele, R. (2004). The theory and practical application of sounds in therapy. Psychotherapy in Australia Journal, Vol. 11 (1), pp. 66-71, November 2004.

Tagar, Y. (2004). Soul work bridging across thresholds: Living Anthroposophy as a potential bridge between cultures in modern Africa. Anthroposophy in Action: Journal of the Anthroposophical Movement in South Africa.

Tagar, Y. (2004). Healing the spiritual scars of abortion. Anthroposophy in Action: Journal of the Anthroposophical Movement in South Africa.

Tagar, Y. (2003). Psychophonetics: A path of birthing self- knowledge and healing. South African Journal of Natural Medicine, Issue 8. Online:

Sherwood, P. & Tagar, Y. (2002). Philophonetics- Counselling for preventing burnout in nurses. Australian Journal of Holistic Nursing, 9(2), 32-40.

Redemption of Innocence (Miller 2002)

Tagar, Y. (2001). The religious, the creative and the stubborn: Can our fear, hatred and doubt be transformed into courage, love and creativity? Journal of the Australian Anthroposophical Society (Nov).

Sherwood, P. & Tagar, Y. (2000). Experience awareness tools for preventing burnout in nurses. Australian Journal of Holistic Nursing. 7(1), 15-20.

Sherwood, P. & Tagar, Y. (2000). Self care tools for creating resistance to burnout: A case study in Philophonetics counselling. Australian Journal of Holistic Nursing, 7(2), 45-47.

Sherwood, P. (2000). Bridging the chasm: Philophonetics counselling and healing the trauma of sexual abuse. Melbourne: Diversity-Natural & Complementary Health Magazine, 2(4), 18-25.

Heart to Art Therapy: Exploring the Journey where Art meets Healing (Birch/Rose 1999)

Re-Creating Heart Safety (Tagar 1998)

Hoffman, N. (1997). The inner art: The creation of human destiny. An interview with Yehuda Tagar. South Australia: Transforming Art Magazine.

The Golden Coin of Now: The Present Moment as a Starting Point for Healing (Tagar 1996)

Caring for the Child Within: The Possibility, Theory & Practice of Self-Parenting Skills (Tagar 1996)

Tagar, Y. (1996). Cancer as a threshold of inner healing: Clara’s journey. Adelaide: Golden Age Magazine. Issue 30, April/May, pp21-24.

Tagar, Y. (1996). My journey to my true vocation: The creation of Philophonetics- Counselling.

Tagar, Y. (1996). Caring for the child within. The possibility, the theory & the practice of self-parenting skills. Adelaide: Golden Age Magazine. Issue 30, June/July, pp21-24.

Revelations from the Inside: Reclaiming the Essential Connection, its Beauty & its Joy (Tagar 1995)

Compassion: A Path of Self Healing (Tagar 1995)  

Recovery from Chronic Fatigue: My Return to Life (Reilly 1995)

Tagar, Y. (1995). Philophonetics-Love of Sounds: New faculties of self- knowing and healing. Australian Naturopathic Practitioners & Chiropractors Association Journal, Vol. 2 (3), pp.22- 23.

Jealousy as a Path of Selfhood (Tagar 1994)

Philophonetics-Language for the Whole Being: Drama Therapy based on the Universal Sounds of all Languages (Tagar 1991)  

Philophonetics: Language for the Whole Being (Tagar 1991) 

Philophonetics & Universal Sound: On the Universal Foundation of all Human Languages (Tagar 1986)





  1. A Phenomenological Hermeneutic Study of/in Transformation: An Embodied and Creative Exploration of Therapeutic Change, through Psychophonetics Psychotherapy (2005)

        Robin Steele. PhD. Interdisciplinary, Edith Cowan University, Western Australia

  1. Musical Utterance as a Way of Knowing: A Contemporary Epistemology of Music (2000)

        Barry Bignell. PhD, Dept of Social Ecology, University of Western Sydney

  1. Compassion in Organizations: Sense-Making and Embodied Experience in Emergent Relational Capabilities (2014+ Working Title)

        Katherine Train. Doctorate research study in progress (2014), Graduate School of

        Business, University of Cape Town


  1. How does a Holistic Approach, as Exemplified by Psychophonetics Psychotherapy, Contribute to Counsellor Resilience? (2014)

 Susan Morrison. Master of Counselling, Notre Dame University, Fremantle Western Australia

  1. A Critical Evaluation of a Program developing Emotional Competence using Psychophonetics for IT Team Leaders and Specialists at a Financial Services Company (2011)

 Keriesa Botha. MScin Leadership & Change Management,Faculty of Business & Law,      Leeds Metropolitan University (UK)

  1. The Development of an Intervention to Coach Carers in Resilience to Compassion Fatigue and Burnout using Psychophonetics Methodology for Self Care and Empathy Skills (2011)

  Katherine Train. Master of Pharmacy, University of Western Cape, South Africa

  1. BetweenTwo Lands:A Multi-Modal Inquiry into the Experience of War and Peace, Exploring Values of ‘Belonging’ and ‘Acceptance’ (2009)

Hadas Arielli-Sorenson. Master of Arts, Melbourne Institute for Experiential &       Creative Arts Therapy (MIECAT), Australia.

  1. Professional Leadership & Development of Courses in Artistic Counselling (2006)

Linda Hall. Master of Psychology (Artistic Counselling), Irish International University,    Singapore Certificate of Artistic Counselling

CAC 0101 CAC 0102 CAC 0103 CAC 0104

  1. Neither Flesh nor Fleshless: An Object-Relational Study of the Experience of Philophonetics-Counselling (2003)

Jutta Eggers. MA Counselling Psychology, University of Pretoria (Completed Yr 1 of    Psychophonetics)

  1. Active Participation in the Emergence of Musical Phenomena: A Commentary and Guide (1994)  Online:

 Barry Bignell. M.Ed. Dept of Education, University of Melbourne


11. Inner Guidance in the Field of Teaching, using Psychophonetics (2014)

Gabriele Wellens-Boemer. Diplomandenkurs Waldorfpadagogik, Freie Hochschuke Stuttgart


Steele, R. (2010) Psychophonetics – Holistic Counselling and Psychothearpy. Steinerbooks. Stories and insight from practice. (introduction by Yehuda Tagar).

Rose, L., ( 2015) Let’s talk About it, Finding Peace with Death and Dying in Everyday Life

Dr Raoul Goldberg (2012) ‘Addictive Behaviour in Children and Young Adults’

Dr Raoul Goldberg  (2009) ‘Awakening to Child Health’.


The Inner Dimensions of Parenting & Self-Parenting (Steele 2011)

Healing Past Childhood Sexual Abuse: Common Themes (Tagar & Steele 2011)

Steele, R. (2010) Psychophonetics – Holistic Counselling and Psychothearpy. Steinerbooks. Stories and insight from practice. (introduction by Yehuda Tagar).

Psychophonetics in South Africa (Tagar 2003) (Chapter 7). In Ntomchukwu Sylvester Madu (ed), Contributions to Psychotherapy in Africa. Polokwane (Pietersburg): World Council of Psychotherapy, African Chapter (pp104-107).

Participatory Therapy: Non-Verbal Communication & the Healing Team of Client, Therapist & Life-body (Tagar 2000)

The Use of Non-Verbal Expression in Stress Management with Philophonetics-Counselling (Tagar 1999)

Fortifying the Healing Process: Art Therapy for Children with Cancer (Birch/Rose 1997)

Cooperating with the Life Forces Within: A Possibility Inspired by Anthroposophic Medicine & Demonstrated by Philophonetics-Counselling (Tagar 1997)

The Healing Power of Expression with Philophonetics-Counselling (Tagar 1996)

Words of Power: Sacred Sounds from East & West (Chpt 21, Universal Sound) (Crowley 1994)


Empathy 2nd GloBal Conference

 Global Mental Health Conference Front Cover

WCP Durban SA 2014

WCP Congress Durban SA 2014

Tagar, Y.,(2015) The 7 Types Of Empathy – Illusion, Reality & Methodical Empathy: An Early 21st Century Report On The Progress Of Empathy. Magdalen College, Oxford, UK

Martina,T., (2015) Methodical Empathy and Recovery College examples with lived experience of mental health in UK and South Africa, 2nd Global Mental Health Conference, University of Brighton, School of Health Sciences.

Tagar, Y., (2015). Methodical Cultivation Of Empathy As Threshold For New Educators (For Enasre)

Tagar, Y., (2014) Psychophonetics – Methodical Empathy and Recovery from Past Trauma Non-verbal expression in Short-Term Psychotherapeutic intervention – for recovery from past abuse. Based on Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy. World Council of Psychotherapy Congress 2014 in Durban, South Africa  WCP-2014-Final-Programme-14-August-2014WCP Congress Durban SA 2014

Tagar,Y., (2013) Humanising the  Workplace – Care for the Caring Professionals: based on Psychosophy, Psychophonetics and Anthroposophical Psychotherapy. SAACHS 34th Annual Conference, Stellenbosch University & University of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Tagar, Y., (2012) . Introduction to Psychophonetics. Tabor University, Prague, Czech Republic

Tagar,Y (2010) The 7 Conditions Of Personal & Organizational Development. A program of sustainable organizational development grounded in personal growth. Inaugural Management & Leadership Conference, Black Management Forum, Cape Town, South Africa.

Tagar,Y., (2010) Introduction to Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy. International Conference of the 100 years Anniversary of Rudolf Steiner Anthroposophy & Psychosophy – Conference co-convenor and key note presentation, Berlin, Germany.

Steele, R (2006). Awakening to experiences: The holistic nature of therapeutic change. In Essence & Spirit” Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) National Conference Proceedings, Melbourne.

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Conference Proceedings. Clayton, Victoria, Monash Institute of Public Health (pp163-182).

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Passion & Healing’ Conference Proceedings. Yarra Junction: Gawler Foundation (pp.167-181).

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Gawler (ed). The Mind- Body Connection, Conference Proceedings. Yarra Junction: Gawler

Foundation (pp239-250).

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Tagar, Y. (1994). The Client as an Expert in the Client’s Own Experience. Paper presented at the First National Conference of the Complementary Health User’s Group, Melbourne.

Tagar, Y. (1993). The inherent connection between emotion and motion: Self- orientation and healing through movement & sound. International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP) Conference Proceedings, Ballarat University

Tagar, Y. (1986). Philophonetica: Love of Sounds. Discovering the connection between the sounds of language and the human soul. Conference Paper, Biennial conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia, Warrah Village, Sydney.


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