Year 3 - Advanced Diploma of Psychophonetics Practitioner

Coaching, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psycho-Spiritual-Somatic education

A Psycho-Development of Freedom

(6 blocks of 5-day intensive seminars throughout the year)

A completion of the professional training in Psychophonetics: a modality of psycho-spiritual-somatic support for human healing, development, transformation and creativity.

Psychophonetics Practice is a therapeutic-educational process that enables people to create objective perspective regarding their subjective experiences, freeing them to give them a new meaning, creating a new reality for themselves.

As a profession Psychophonetics includes the skills of: mentoring, coaching, counselling, psychotherapy, psycho-somatic self-intervention and psycho-spiritual encouragement – in one integral, flexible process, applied according to the presenting need. It equip people to become their own healers, teachers, mentors and leaders and creators of their own lives.

Psychophonetics therapeutic/educational skills of intervention include:

Methodical empathy based conversation goal setting body memory & body awareness gesture visualisation sounds awareness through expression awakening to internal characters strengthening the internal leadership of one’s ‘I’ acknowledging and letting go of automatic patterns of response creating new characters and responses overcoming reactions owning projections encountering and confronting all aspects of oneself taking deeper responsibility to one’s destiny manifesting one’s higher potential through one’s existing reality.

Psychophonetics is a psychology of Freedom: In any challenging human condition one major component is the way the individual experiences it and the meaning he/she gives it. There might not be any freedom of choice regarding the given circumstances and experiences a person faces at any given point in time. But there is a potential freedom regarding the way the person faces, copes and deal with these circumstances and experiences, the meaning he/she gives them and the action he/she chooses to take in response to them.

Psychophonetics is a process of engaging the deeper intelligence and potential resources, strength and creativity, transforming life challenges into opportunities for personal growth. It does it a) by enabling the creation of deeper perspective regarding one’s experience, whatever that experience is; b) by defining a goal, a ‘Wish’ for the direction of one’s striving; c) by facilitating a deep exploration of the dynamics and realities underlying the experience; d) by accessing and mobilising deep internal, renewable resources for inner and outer change guided by one’s wish.

This Advanced Diploma qualification enables graduates to practice the whole range of Psychophonetics tools and processes, both of the Conversational and the Action phases, professionally and independently.

Course Content:

  • Advanced     training in Psychophonetics Conversational Phase: Deepening the     skill of Methodical Empathy
  • Advanced     training in Psychophonetics Action Phase: Completing the acquisition     of the whole range of Psychophonetics Action Phase Sequences
  • Acquiring     the skilful combination of the Conversational and the Action phases     of Psychophonetics
  • Studying     and applying Psychophonetics-based personal development group work     facilitation
  • Deepening,     researching and applying Psychosophy
  • Studying     the Therapeutic/Developmental application of Anthroposophy
  • Designing     and completing an individual research project on the Therapeutic     Application of Anthroposophy
  • Practicing     Psychophonetics on public clients under supervision. Submitting case     presentations.


Entry Requirement:

  1. Qualification     of Diploma of Holistic Coaching & Counselling – Psychophonetics     (completion of 2nd     year of Psychophonetics Institute International).
  2.     On-going     practice of Psychophonetics – Personal and with clients
  3. An     interview.



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