Certificate in Mentorship for Personal Sustainability, Leadership Skills & Methodical Empathy


(6 blocks of 5-day intensive seminars throughout the year)

A one-year part-time professional training course combining skills for self care, self healing, healthy boundaries, prevention of burnout, personal sustainability and resilience, personal development, communication skills, leadership skills, methodical empathy and basic mentorship and counselling skills.

Teaching Psychophonetics practical tools of self-awareness and self-transformation, the unique insights of Psychosophy and Methodical Empathy.

Practical training in transforming life challenges into opportunities for personal development, wisdom and leadership skills.

Who is it for: The Foundation Year in Psychophonetics aims to upgrade skills for personal, social and professional development for people from all walks of life and from all professions. It is a training for those who wish to do what they do personally and professionally on a higher level of efficiency, sustainability and creativity, and to become effective mentors for others in doing the same.

Outcome: On the basis of developing the above attributes of personal and professional development for themselves – graduates will become Professional Mentors of personal sustainability and communication skills for others.

The course provides foundation skills for counselling and coaching, which are the pre-requisites for possible further training as professional coaches and counsellors (see Diploma in Holistic Coaching & Counselling).


The 6 X 5-day intensive seminars of the foundation year in Psychophonetics:

1st Seminar: Fundamentals of Psychophonetics

2nd Seminar: Foundations of Self Awareness & Self Care

3rd Seminar: Foundations of Self Management & Methodical Empathy

4th Seminar: Foundation of Methodical Empathy, Deep Leadership & Personal Development

5th Seminar: Foundation of Psychosophy & & Mentorship Skills

6th Seminar: Foundation for Coaching & Counselling Skills

Entry requirements

  1. a) Mature age (minimum mid-20s)
  2. b) Completed diploma/degree studies in a field relevant to human development, education, care and leadership.
  3. c) Minimum of 2 years work experience working actively with people.


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