Further develops ideas of Philosophy of Freedom (work by R. Steiner from 1894) mainly in psychology. It brings detailed description of structure, dynamics, borders and actions that take place in the soul. It offers the necessary concepts for understanding health, illness and possibilities of development of human soul. It provides certain peak of information given by Rudolf Steiner for understanding human being, which also include Theosophy, How to Know the Higher Worlds, The Occult Science.

Practically applied methodology of Psychosophy leads a man through a path of self-knowledge as a free human being that has at its disposal his own unlimited potential and spiritual resources. It results in transformation of his social, cultural and practical life. Applied Psychosophy shows how to create conscious perspective from one’s own experiences and provides us thus with a possibility to become our own observers, protectors, guides and healers. Natural consequence also includes deep transformation of inter-human relationships towards tolerance and respect.

Psychosophy is a newly discovered approach to psychology and psychotherapy that was founded by Rudolf Steiner in Berlin in 1910 (GA 115). Who in the period when there were formulated basic theses of psychology of 20th century gave thus the basis for psychology grounded in spiritual science, Anthroposophy.

Yehuda K. Tagar is an Australian, South African, British psychotherapist, consultant and adult educator, an international trainer of coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists who bases his work on a 21st century development of Rudolf Steiner’s Psychosophy as a practical Philosophy of Freedom.

He is the founder of Applied Psychosophy and Psychophonetics – the first modality of psychotherapy based on Psychosophy. He lectures and trains professionals in the UK, South Africa, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

He established Psychophonetics Institute International, Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe, APAT – the Association for the Promotion of Artistic Therapy and BECOME – British College of Methodical Empathy. Yehuda is also a faculty member of Bratislava Academy of Waldorf Education teacher´s training.