“Yehuda Tagar founded Methodical Empathy over 25 years ago, combining experiential theatre and long forgotten psychology. His experimental approach to body work, visualisation, movement and sounds of the human voice were initially created to help actors step out of dark roles and return to themselves back at home.  Counsellor’s noticed that this was transforming the actor’s lives and requested that Yehuda create a training programme of his work, not in drama, but in psychotherapy.

In both South Africa and Australia Methodical Empathy was welcomed into medical clinics, and success was found in working alongside clinicians when other treatments had failed, with conditions such as HIV and Multiple Sclerosis. In the UK and Europe Methodical Empathy has been used as an approach towards recovery from childhood trauma and sexual abuse, pain management, and overcoming addiction.

Methodical empathy has also been used to great effect working within organisations to “Humanise the Workplace”.

Methodical Empathy is now recognised in  hospitals, education, creative and business centres. It has developed so that it can be picked up and used by anyone who wishes to transform their lives and relationships at home or at work.”